American Walnut Engineered Plank

1860 x 148 x 14/3 6.1′ x 5.82″ x 0.55″
1900 x 190 x 15/4 6.23′ x 7.48″ x 0.59″
Structure Eucalyptus Plywood Base
Pre-Finish UV Coating / Woca Oil
Length Width Thickness Veneer Grade
1860 mm 148 mm 14 mm 3 mm Natural / Rustic
1860 mm 148 mm 15 mm 4 mm Natural / Rustic
1900 mm 190 mm 14 mm 3 mm Natural / Rustic
1900 mm 190 mm 15 mm 4 mm Natural / Rustic
  • Structure: Multiply 11-15mm Quality Eucalyptus Plywood.

  • Lamination: E0 Standard Franklin Cold Press Adhesive.

  • Finish: UV Coating / Natural Oil / Hardwax Oil.

  • Treatment: Fine Sawn/Handscraped/Distressed/Wire-Brush/Smoked /Thermo Treated.

  • Joint: 4-side Tongue and Grooves. Square Edge, Micro-Bevel, Full-Bevel, Eased Bevel.

Color & Finish.

If you are interested in any of the colors below or more, contact us to order samples right away!


Natural Walnut

Strict QC System.

Under the control of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO14025, from material to the final product, each piece is processed through 49 working procedures and each procedure is controlled strictly by certain producing data. Especially for the procedures of kiln dry skills, environmental climates and pieces checking, which promise our floor with a stable and high quality.

MC(moisture content) check. Before the KD board go into the T&G(Tongue and Groove) processing workshop, we will classify the KD boards according to the different MC level. This procedure promises all the classified KD boards is at the same MC level. At the same time, the two faces and four sides will be checked. Any defects board will be put away.

Before T&G processing, the workers will check the surface and put away the defects board.

  • Processing defect check at the same time, classify the T&G board according to the natural color variation. Make the color in most uniform.
  • Sanding check before UV coating. Check the surface and thickness.
  • UV product line check, put away the defect UV coating product.
  • Final product color classified secondly. Make the final packed products color in most uniform .
  • Advanced kiln dry skills-key factor of final floor with a stable condition.

We select the final products randomly form UV coating line for testing the impact resistance, wear resistance, hardness surface, adhesion, scratch resistance, MC and dimensions. And then, we make a record for all the testing. If any item can’t meet the requirement, we will immediately inform certain workshop to improve.

Drying the AD board according to the different places climate requirement. Making the MC more close to the local climate requirement.
Drying the AD board according to the different species. Different species need different way (such as time, temperature, moisture) to dry.
Before further processing, the dried boards just after taking out from the kiln need stress-relief period. Different species need different stress-relief time. Then the AD board turned into KD board. The stress-relief period is very important for the stability of the floor.

Moisture Checking

T&G Profile Checking

Glued Plywood

Square Edge

5.5mm Back Groove

Moisture Checking

Packing & Loading
Specification Pcs/Box SQM/Box Pallet/20FT SQM/20FT
1860*148*14/3mm 8 2.20224 12 1572.40
1860*148*15/4mm 8 2.20224 12 1479.91
1900*190*14/3mm 8 2.288 12 1577.71
1900*190*15/4mm 8 2.288 12 1484.90
Packing Details
  • Finished engineered wood floorings are packed with OEM export paper carton packaging.
  • Flooring carton boxes are transmitted across through heat shrink plastic film to ensure waterproof packing system.
  • Packaged cartoon boxes are neatly stacked on the pallets.
  • Every corner and side are well protected by plastic anti-wet film and cardboard.
  • Then the pallets are transmitted into the warehouse , waiting for loading.
  • We can design specialized OEM Package / cartons for customers according to your logo / brand.
  • All pieces are covered by a plastic bag in a paper carton with Anti-wet Plastic bag Sealed.

  • Loaded in Non-coniferous wood plywood (IPPC) pallets in Container. No brand on cartons.

  • Products information labels on each carton and pallet.

  • We design different sizes of Non-coniferous wood plywood to meet the different weight.

  • Size of the cargos for the safety and convenience of the transportation and Delivery.
Container Loading.
  • The Forklift carries pallets one by one, and then the pallets are loaded in the container in a row skillfully.
  • Packaged cartoon boxes are neatly stacked on export pallets with all corner and sides well protected.
  • When the container is filled with pallets, close the door and seal the container.
  • Write and remember the Seal No. and Container Number
  • Finally the lorry will take the container to the specified port.