Flooring patterns

Our carefully curated crafts of wire brush, handscaped, smoked/fumed, reactive stain, antique styles are for you, and we think it reflects our philosophy perfectly, too — taking quality materials into new and creative realms. Choose from either oak, ash, hickory, maple or walnut in a timeless classic, or go modern and contemporary, there’s something for whichever dream home you’d like to build.




Custom Design

Oak GR18
Oak GR16
Oak GR10
Oak GR04
Walnut | Oak GR43
Oak GR55
Oak GR52
Oak GR47
Walnut GR39
Walnut GR38
Oak GR56
Oak GR49
Oak GR12
Oak GR07
Oak GR02
Oak GR48
Oak GR46
Oak GR44
Walnut GR40
Oak GR51
Short Acacia GR34
Oak GR58
Walnut GR21
Oak GR20
Oak GR61
Oak GR62
Walnut GR21
Oak GR64
Oak GR65
Oak GR66