Thanks to unique fabric and weaving process, SUMBRA woven vinyl flooring is an exclusive, stunning and unique textile technical product. It combines style, practicality, art, fashion and architecture with creative design.

Delux Collection

Delux respectfully draws its inspiration from the traditional craftsmanship of the past, combining this with the exciting new possibilities offered by modern weaving technology.

Jacquard Collection

Jacquard has a structure enabling traditional and modern mixture design in various spaces. Black and Brown colors covering from neutral and dark tones provide high-end ambiance to commercial spaces and offices.

Elegant Collection

Elegant is a sober, elegant flooring collection characterised by warm colours. Among its mesmerising patterns, you will find influences including historical textiles and classic, traditional wooden parquet patterns.

Fantasy Collection

Our basic weaving structure pattern comfortably fits fantasy design for any space. Thanks to our reliable basic color adding capability, we are able to provide elegant feel to offices and commercial buildings

Classic Collection

Classic, simple and clean. The larger weft and yarn size used in this design make it suitable for both low and high traffic areas. Classic, creates a blend of comfort and durability.